Our Team

We have been finance directors on progressive campaigns up and down the ballot.

  • Connor Farrell

    Connor Farrell

    CEO & Founder

    Connor Farrell is the CEO and Founder of Left Rising. He started his career in politics in 2013 working as a finance associate on a congressional campaign in Michigan. In the years since, he’s been the finance director for Abdul El-Sayed’s campaign for Governor, and led the finance teams for Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel as well as the successful statewide voting rights ballot proposal, Proposal 3.

    Connor oversees Left Rising’s work with every single campaign and organization. He studied political science at the University of Chicago and has an MBA from Western Michigan University. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis with his fiancée, cooking, and trying to play piano.

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    Julia Eddy

    Director of Congressional Campaigns

    Julia Eddy is the Director of Congressional Campaigns at Left Rising. Prior to Left Rising she was the Finance Director for Jess King for Congress in Lancaster, PA. She’s passionate about professional development and helping people transition from non-profit or private sector work to campaigns, especially in finance. When she’s not working she’s cooking, making cocktails, or preparing for her future move onto a houseboat. She currently lives in Washington D.C.

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    Aarica Marsh

    Senior Fundraising Consultant

    Aarica Marsh is a Senior Fundraising Consultant at Left Rising. Aarica got her start in politics on Abdul El-Sayed’s 2018 campaign for Governor in Michigan. Since then, she has worked with progressives in local, state, and national campaigns on a wide variety of strategies, including field, fundraising, and communications. Before entering politics, Aarica worked for a decade in the food service industry which cultivated her love of food and also her desire to help elect more working-class leaders. Aarica is a first-generation graduate from the University of Michigan. She currently lives in Detroit, MI with her partner and their two cats.

  • NEW Evan Barker

    Evan Barker

    Director of Statewide Campaigns

    Evan Barker is Director of Statewide Campaigns at Left Rising. She originally got her start in campaigns as field organizer. She has since worked in nearly every fundraising capacity on U.S. House Congressional races. In the 2018 cycle, she worked as Senior Campaign Strategist at the PCCC. Since joining Left Rising in 2020, Evan was the Finance Director on Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez’s campaign for US Senate in Texas and Andrew Romanoff’s campaign for US Senate in Colorado. She has also consulted for Real Justice PAC. In her spare time, she plays in a band and rides motorcycles. She currently lives in San Francisco, CA.

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    Alex Haddad

    Senior Fundraising Consultant

    Alex Haddad is a Senior Fundraising Consultant at Left Rising. Before working in fundraising, Alex worked in human resources and interned for several organizations, including Lake Research, Run for Something, and DCCC. He worked as the Deputy Finance Director on Dana Nessel’s historic campaign for Michigan Attorney General in 2018. In his spare time, Alex loves taking walks to explore different neighborhoods and watching HGTV. He earned his Bachelors degree from Michigan State University and Masters degree from George Washington University. He currently lives in Metro Detroit, MI.

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    Elizabeth Mazorra

    Senior Fundraising Consultant

    Elizabeth Mazorra is a Fundraising Associate at Left Rising. Elizabeth first began learning about progressive politics and policies while teaching English in South Korea. She is an alumna of Movement School and was the Finance Director for Victoria Burton-Harris for Wayne County Prosecutor in Michigan. Elizabeth is passionate about education and supports candidates who focus on investing in their communities through improving public school systems and dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline. In her spare time, she burns rice and practices Korean and Japanese. Elizabeth currently lives in Norfolk, VA with her overly spoiled dog.